About us

Who we are, what we do


We are an innovative company which consists of a team of passionate and highly qualified top managers and engineers originating from the chemical, fertilizer, energy and logistics sector. Each of our team members is a true expert in his field, having under his belt a long list of successfully finalized significant industrial projects. Thanks to this experience and knowledge, Matam Commodity AG is able to offer a wide range of the highest quality services in:

  • open pit mining,
  • international trade of raw materials, chemicals and fertilizers,
  • comprehensive managing of investment processes,
  • implementing and managing of long-term strategies (BSC),
  • developing and executing of restructuring programs in big-scale production companies,
  • process optimization,
  • providing comprehensive logistics services.

Our main capital is know-how, experience and high management standards as well as the ability to navigate on the international industrial market scene. Thanks to that we can advise, consult and execute projects for the most demanding market participants.


Our mission is to deliver business security, development and prosperity to our Partners. In everything we do we focus on openness, honesty and high ethical standards. We are always proud to be able to reach to our business „roots” and experiences. We build our business relationships based on respect and the understanding of each other’s interests.

We are always happy to contribute with our knowledge and experience in order to subsequently observe with satisfaction the business successes of our Partners. We respect the value of time equally to the value of money, that is why we strive to build a highly effective company that can successfully tackle ambitious challenges without the unnecessary loss of the precious resource of time.


In the oncoming years our priority will be to strengthen the company’s market position and improve its overall recognition. Our vision of the company’s development is based on thorough analysis and forecasts in lined with global trends among others in the field of the necessity of securing significant amounts of raw materials necessary for the production of fertilizers characterized by low cadmium and chromium content.

Over the period of the next three years we plan to position Matam Commodity AG as a Central European leader offering consulting services and supplies of raw materials of the highest quality.

In the short term, we plan to expand the range of offered services by proposing innovative solutions that will allow the development of new business models and the expansion of the operation segments of our partners.